Published & Forthcoming Papers

Johnson, Garrett A., Randall A. Lewis, Elmar I. Nubbemeyer (2017) Ghost Ads: A Revolution in Measuring Ad Effectiveness Journal of Marketing Research, forthcoming

Johnson, Garrett A., Randall A. Lewis, David H. Reiley (2017) When Less is More: Data and Power in Advertising Experiments Marketing Science, 36(1): 43-53.

Working Papers

The Impact of Privacy Policy on the Auction Market for Online Display Advertising

  • Best Rising Star Paper, International Industrial Organization Conference (2013)

Location, Location, Location: Repetition and Proximity Increase Advertising Effectiveness with Randall Lewis and David Reiley

  • Note: Experiment’s overall treatment effect results released as “When Less is More”

Great and Small Walls of China: Distance & Chinese E-Commerce with Liang Chen and Yao Luo

  • NET Institute Working Paper Series

Cost Per Incremental Action: Efficient Pricing of Advertising with Randall Lewis

The Online Display Ad Effectiveness Funnel & Carry-Over: A Meta-study of Ghost Ad Experiments with Randall Lewis and Elmar Nubbemeyer

Privacy Choice in Internet Advertising: Who Opts Out and at What Cost to Industry? (with Scott Shriver and Shaoyin Du)

Work in Progress

“The Popup Paradox: Field Experiments at” (with Ayelet Israeli & Joe Golden)

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